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  • RAW Relentless movie 2011

Beschreibung der Funktionsweise HL2DM frag-video by RAW Warrior.

So here we go again, another frag movie of the RaW team is released! This movie contains kills performed by the RaW team during the past year and six months. A few frags are even older ones, but anyhow, it's all content that in some way highlights the games special moments.
Since this is a project done by two, both of us will now say a word of our own, starting with me:

When I first started making this project I had no idea about how much time it would cost me. I started this fragmovie on my own; I was a total noob and didn't really know anything about moviemaking. Although I got basic help by two friendly ones, SND and onty.

After a while, A1 returned to the game, and we decided, since his earlier moviemaking experiences, that he would help me with the movie making, advice me and so on. With the time A1 got more and more involved into the project and we decided to split the work. A1 then started to make the intro, while I was going to make the frag part of the video

When the intro was finnished, A1 continued to help me with the movie, sharing his creative thoughts and ideas, giving the word "effect" a meaning. I don't know what the movie would have been without A1, but I can at least say it wouldnt be what it is today without him. His creative skills and knowledge is just amazing.

And today, a very long time after I first started working on the movie I, or now, we are finally done. I made what I wanted to do all along, a fragmovie, rather a team than a induvidual one. Enjoy!

- Warrior

When I heard about RaW frag vid and saw the first frag samplers Warrior made, I
was totally fascinated. So AWESOME frags! I'm totally in!

We started sending more demos to Warrior who did all the hard work with exporting them to avi. We weren't always agreeing which frags were the most awesome and should be included in the video but eventually we got a nice tight bunch of quality footage.

Intro was very fun to create and I also made the effects on the movie. We shared our own opinions and ideas constantly and had really fun making this video.

I'm really glad that I could be a part of creating this film and I hope you all enjoy our work.

- A1

So laides and gentlemen, here we go, prepare to hold your colour!
Warrior and A1 presents a Ruthless annihilation worldwide fragmovie: Relentless!!!!

Key facts:
Players included: ChocolatePeanuT, SmAcK, Warrior, eXact and Serino
Filesize after saved in vegas= 22,6GB

Compressed= 612mb

Length= 11:55 mins

Framerate= 240fps average to 1200fps Max
Finnished at 6/3-2011 and released at 7/3-2011

For those of you whos having problems with watching mp4 videos, install vlc and open the video with it (vlc.exe install can be found in the rar file).


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